Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New stuff

So a new year, a new blog post. Yes it is a goal of mine to be a more frequent blogger, starting now.
This year I was glad to finally launch the updated version of the school application system I had been working on. I decided to migrate the system I had made the year before into the Cakephp framework, which allows for more rapid development in expanding the site in the future. It took months of learning, programing and planing to make the uninterrupted switch to the new system. I am pleased with the progress, this version includes translation of the entire site in to German. Daily we work to expand the function of the site,  today we scratched the surface of using Ajax for form validation and submission. If you don't know what that is.. that is ok. ;-)

I would like to share something I captured last year when I set up my camera up in the castle during a typical coffee break. This is a good picture of what it is like in the base here during a large school in the fall. It can be quite an adventure to get to the coffee pot some days. I like this because it also captures how much life is in this place. (Sorry it is not HD.. I don't have such a camera) Here it is... Enjoy!

The waves of young people going into the nations does not look to be slowing down anytime soon, as God is awakening more and more young people motivated by love to go and live out his kingdom. May this continue to be a place of God's presence radiating out to the nations. May we have wisdom for the practicalities and a fire burning within our own hearts as we receive and send these many people. 

Till next time, please leave your comments and questions bellow.

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